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.:: Personal Information
     Real Name:  Erica Shard
     Gender:  Female
     Age:  23

.:: Contact Information
     Aim:  Erica Shard
     ICQ:  16-631-660

.:: Biography
     I played a moment in tyme years ago and decided to come back and try it again. I'm currently looking for anyone I may have known. I played Christa Kaer my distinguished Hunter also a member of the CoI brought in by Sammael(which wasn't known to her) himself and being trained by two warders/blade masters in the sword. She was also involved in any and every quest that came up at the time. Even once met the Dark One during a quest. Or was it the creator., Erica Shard Guildless, and Sierie D'lynia an assassin for the Dragon Sworn "Heron Wing" well that was what the DS GL/temp quest imm at the time was trying to create. It didn't end up happening. She was created at the request of the imm at the time.

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