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.:: Personal Information
     Real Name:  Rich
     Gender:  Male
     Age:  27
     Location:  Iowa City

.:: Contact Information
     Aim:  rhansenMW (during the day) and RedStaplerNinja5 (at night)
     ICQ:  270536717
     MSN:  rhhansen3
     Yahoo!  rich_deftones

.:: Biography
     Started MIT back in '96 right after reading Book 7 when I realized I'd somehow have to get my RJ fix for another 2.5 years. My first character was indeed Morodrim 1.0, going quickly through many versions until eventually levelling off at Moro 4.65.1. He's been my only "real" character, although I dabbled with the warders for a bit as Dahlron. I've done my share of Imming at MiT as Olorin, going through various roles including book imm, gleeman GL (w/Tyreal!), head event, and policy. Olorin's also the originator of the Puff Awards, for those that remember :p Currently, I work as a reporting specialist for a division of R.R. Donnelley, a really big printing compnay. Feel free to IM me whenever.

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