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.:: Personal Information
     Real Name:  Joanna
     Gender:  Female
     Age:  29
     Location:  Dallas, TX

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.:: Biography
     I have been playing on A Moment in Tyme since summer of 1997. My first character was Orathea Bandrac, who became a General in the Seanchan army. Seanchan was also my first guild, and has, in truth, been my favorite guild ever since. Even though I play Elayne, the Seanchan always hold a special place and many fond memories in my heart. They are also the most interesting part of the books, in my opinion. (Though I could wish that Robert Jordan would provide even more detail on them.) I played Tuon before I played Elayne, as well as several other book characters including Nynaeve and Morgase. I suppose I enjoy playing Elayne the most out of all the bookies I've played, however. I really connect with the character, I feel, because she has a heart, and she follows it. I portray her as a caring individual with a strong sense of honor and duty, but those various loyalties she carries tend to conflict at times, making it difficult for her to choose the correct path. Thus does she do what her heart tells her, and she can be very stubborn in it, once she makes her decision. Currently, Elayne has recently returned to Caemlyn, and is now occupying the Palace. The Dragon Banner still flies over the Palace's golden domes, however, and it is rumored that the Dragon Reborn has returned to the Palace as well. The citizens of Andor wonder whether Elayne will lean on the Dragon to secure her Crown, or if she will seek to claim it on her own merit. Asha'man and Aiel were given authority to assist the Queen's Guards after Gaebril's fall, and it will be interesting to see what becomes of that agreement once Elayne learns of it, if she doesn't know of it already. Meanwhile, rumors of Shadowspawn, and the possibility that Gaebril may have been one of the Forsaken, give citizens much cause for speculation and concern. Andor has been turned upside down by the loss of their Queen, and the weakening of the Queen's Guards in the wake of Gaebril's influence. Only time will tell whether Elayne can pull Andor back together, or if it will fall to further chaos in another Succession, as opposing claimants seek to snatch the Rose Crown.

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