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.:: Personal Information
     Real Name:  Mike
     Gender:  Male
     Age:  31
     Location:  Washington

.:: Contact Information
     ICQ:  15455530

.:: Biography
     I've been on MiT since early 1996. I have done many things from being GL up to Implementor. This was the first MUD I ever played on, and it was the best back in the day. I wish it well as I have moved forward to a new WoT MUD, but will always hold this one in my heart. Now for my bio : I am 31 and work as a 911 Dispatcher. I resigned as a Police Officer in 1999 but have been in the Law Enforcement field since 1996. I have 4 children and have been with my wife for almost 14 years. I just bought a house *woohoo* and have just gotten settled. That is my life story in a nutshell.

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