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.:: Personal Information
     Real Name:  Matt (like every other white male mudder out there)
     Gender:  Male
     Age:  Four years older than everybody thinks :p
     Location:  University of Maryland

.:: Contact Information

.:: Biography
     I had a good bio years ago but I've lost it. :p I'm a senior EE at the University of Maryland, which doesn't party nearly hard enough for my taste, riots or no riots. My life was more interesting a while ago, but this year has been really rough class-wise so I don't get out as much as I'd like. I'm a Tau Beta Pi member, which makes up a decent chunk of my social time. I also go to the gym a lot (stress, ya know - obviously it's not making me huge or anything :p) I love movies and pool, and I'm getting into racquetball. I have a weekly poker night at my house that only happens every few weeks because we're all real busy. Ummm... yeah, I'm gonna go do something else less boring now. :p You should, too. *sage*

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