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.:: Personal Information
     Real Name:  Shaughn
     Gender:  Male.
     Age:  22
     Location:  Alpharetta, GA

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.:: Biography
     When my parents were dating, they thought of having children. One night, they sat in the back seat of a car and discussed it. Children. Some months later, I was born. I'm an only child, so that meant I was good enough for more chillun's, or so bad that they never wanted more. I cannot say for sure! I went to a small Catholic school for grades 2-8, which primarily developed the following qualities in me: the ability and desire to poke fun at everyone and everything and love of reading. I left, bitter and thoroughly secular, and went on to highschool. Somewhere along the way, I found myself distinctly not-secular, and these days I'm devoutly Episcopal. I still happily poke fun at my church and every church, though. If you should find yourself a target of my button pushing, worry not. I try to make sure everybody gets picked on fairly and equally--myself included. On March 31st of my Freshman year of highschool, I got bored one day. So, I asked myself, "Self, I wonder if there are any games based on the Wheel of Time?" I had just finished The Dragon Reborn, if memory serves, and within moments, I was on Dragon's Fang. My first character was a Tower Warder by the name of Balfor, and I've had a Warder character ever since in some form or another. After Balfor died, there was Joven--this one wasn't an illiterate with no tongue, you'll be pleased to know! Just before my Junior year, I emigrated to Tyme. Some time that spring, I renamed to Dafyd, and I've been that character since then. Almost three years now. Freaky, ain't it? Somewhere down the line, Daemien (remember Daemien?) asked me if I wanted to join a Dungeons and Dragons campaign he was slapping together, and before long, I found myself playing it every weekend with a small group of friends. I still do, in fact. So, either these friendships are good, or they just tolerate me more'n I deserve. What am I doing with myself outside of Tyme? I'm currently about halfway done with my undergraduate degree at Tulane University. I'm majoring in Latin and Ancient/Medieval History. From there, I plan on working in a toothpaste factory thanks to useless degrees. Well. Not really. More likely, I'll do a bit of Graduate School, then teach in a highschool. Thus, I may breed more Classicists who inspire more Classicists! An endless cycle of Latin! Muhaha! That's about it. Peace, love, corpses. --Me.

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